AI Technology to Automate Your Sales & Support

The smartest enterprise-grade AI
integrated to your CRM and CSM stack.

The smartest enterprise-grade AI CHAT technology integrated to your CRM and CSM stack


AI with EQ

Our scalable, proprietary platform brings together the leading technology to help solve complex conversational problems — from NLP, deep learning and voice synthesis to automatic data categorization, sentiment detection and context awareness.

Structured or not, here AI come

Handles any data – structured or unstructured – integrating your backend customer systems, live chats, or knowledge database in order to aggregate and provide the best and most timely information to your customers.


Be aware across multi dimensional context states

Goes beyond the immediate user interaction and gains awareness of user intention, past interactions, and predicted needs.

Meet your users where they are

Whether your user reaches you on the web, in-app, Facebook messenger, or SMS – provide a consistent experience managed with a single engine.

Gain insight on real user needs

Beyond real-time insights on platform performance, Insync provides interaction insights on your users’ behavior to empower brand, product, operations, and CS teams.

Integrates with any
backend CXM

We’ve done all the API integration work across major CXM and engagement systems so you can launch without missing a beat.


Transfer to your people seamlessly

Integrated with Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow just to name a few, we can transfer contacts to agents whenever needed to ensure that your customer is supported no matter what.

Take 3 steps. Go live
in 4 weeks.

The Insync Technology Difference

Done For You

Effortless Implementation

Whitelist our servers and paste 20 lines of JS where you want chat to live. That’s it.


Learning Engine

Insync Resolution Rates improve with every interaction due to our Universal Learning Engine.


Granular Control

Everything we build is custom and based on your users’ intents.

6X ROI - committed to driving value to your business.

For your Customers:

For your bottom line: