01Integration With Any Backend CXM System

Our platform can seamlessly integrate with any of your backend CXM or Engagement systems. We have partnerships with Salesforce, Zendesk, NiceInContact, LiveChat, Sprinklr to name a few, and we can easily integrate even with your home grown enterprise systems.

02Elastically Scalable NLP, Natural Search, AI And Context Models Running In The Cloud

Our entire platform including our proprietary AI stack of NLP, Natural Search, M/L insights and Context Engine is hosted on enterprise grade cloud infrastructure that allows us to elastically and with zero touch, adjust to your user load.

03Fully Managed Onboarding And Go Live

We understand that you are already quite busy with trying to run your own business. Building a full Conversational AI solution on your own and integrating it within your enterprise is a massive resource and time cost for you. We help you avoid all that by doing all the heavy lifting. We get you onboarded and live on our platform, without requiring any work or resource investment from your side and we can go live in just a matter of weeks.

04Full Scale Analytics

We provide rich real time analytics of our product’s performance to help you measure the ROI for your investment.

05Continuous Improvement

For us the relationship is just getting started when we take you live! After going live, we do regular health-checks to understand where we can improve the performance and help identify new use-cases that can help you get even more value both from the standpoint of cost-savings as well as incremental revenue and conversions.


> 50%

Resolution Rate
We resolve over 50% of your user session on average without human intervention

< 85s

Resolution Time
We successfully resolve user requests in less than 85 seconds on average

< 1/10th

Our cost to you is less than a 10th of the cost of a human agent

> 20%

You will see greater than 20% increase in conversions and revenue

We were impressed by how quickly we could get up and running on Insyncai platform. Aside from a couple of APIs and some changes on our FB page there was not much we had to provide. We loved the speed with which we could iterate and try out different use cases from acquiring new users in the conversational format to experimenting with other innovative features we have in our regular web experiences. Facebook even showcased our experience from time to time which was a huge win for the team.

Vijay Venkat
Head of Store Front Product