Platform Impact


Resolution rate by bot

85 Sec

Avg Bot Session Resolution Time

2 in 3 Users

Highly Satisfied with the bot


Higher Conversions

Partners & Integrations
Use Cases

Customer Acquisition

- Customer Pre-qualification
- Brand Education
- Sign ups
- Conversion Tracking

Customer Engagement

- Full Catalogue Interaction
- Checkout/ Buy
- Store Locator
- Store Hours
- Personalization
- Payments
- Smart Agent Handoff

Customer Support

- Problem Diagnosis
- Frequently Asked questions
- Product/ Support questions
- Full Business Logic Integration
- Smart Agent Handoff
- Orders Handing
- Account Management
How It Works
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InSync is a product of InSync.AI Inc, that offers a platform for brands and retailers to develop deep, contextual, human-like assistants that works across platforms and applications. Our goal is to help our partners in providing their customers with superior customer experience and in driving higher conversions, using our technologies that comprise of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Context Management, Bot Engine, Deep Search etc.
Our Team
Raj Ramaswamy
CEO & Co-founder
Ashish Parnami
CTO & Co-founder
Girish Nair
Lead Architect
Manish Jain
Sr Data Scientist
Anisha Jayan
Software Engineer
Akshat Uppal
Software Engineer
Investors & Advisors
Tsingyuan Ventures
Venture Capital & Private Equity
Tuoc Luong
CEO, BodiData Inc.
Vishal Makhijani
Former CEO, Udacity